Chris James
Chris James is a comedian born and raised in Vancouver. He does stand up comedy specifically, in that he tells jokes that are generally pre-prepared, and most often he does this in a club that has been designated a ‘comedy club’. Chris has done his stand up comedy the last three years at the Vancouver Comedy Festival, and has opened for many comedians much better and more famous than he is over nearly six years of performing.

I also- sorry, he also has had his comedy (stand up) featured on the CBC radio program ‘LOL’, and on the podcast ‘Put your hands together’ recorded at the super rad UCB theatre in Los Angeles (Hollywood(California)). Chris also hosts a live talk show called Talk Showcase that has in the past been sporadic, but will soon be regular and monthly at the Little Mountain Gallery on Main street.

He usually has a beard.

Chris used to do a podcast/web series/podcast again for a website called ‘The Dependent.’ It was all kinds of fun. You can listen to and watch all of the old episodes. We suggest starting right from episode 1.