Spencer James

Spencer James’s comedy career started very early on, namely as an eleven year old fat kid getting picked on by school bullies while also being ignored by seemingly every girl in his vicinity.

Spencer holds the 2014 Winner title of the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has gritted his comedy teeth on bars and comedy clubs across America, including performances for the fisherman of Dutch Harbor, AK, made famous by the hit TV show “Deadliest Catch,” Laughs TV features of Fox TV, and also for American troops stationed in Pearl Harbor, HI.

Spencer currently resides in Denver, CO, where beautiful women abound, but as a former fat kid he finds it difficult to relate to them, unless it involves complaining about clothes that just never seem to fit properly.

His show is mainly his warped reactions to first time relationships, a result of “fat kid syndrome” he’s had throughout his adult life, and how now he’s taking the Ugly Duckling persons to the stage. He believes he’s sensitive to a woman’s needs, but, due to many past failures, he also somehow winds up saying the most insensitive thing as the worst possible moment.

Why does this happen? Guess you’ll find out at the show.