Casey Corbin

Casey Corbin

Casey Corbin was personally chosen by Harland Williams as a tour opener for the Just For Laughs produced “Tasty Treats” comedy tour starring Harland Williams. In 2007 Just For Laughs chose Casey to perform in the National Homegrown Competition at the prestigious festivals 25th Anniversary in Montreal.Also in 2007 Casey brought his brand of comedy to the CBC Halifax ComedyFest. Later that year, this
talented comedian was awarded his own comedy special.

Since then Casey has appeared on TV several times. He’s been seen on MTV, MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic, Bite TV, iChannel and even the Game Show Network. He’s also been heard on SiriusXM satellite Radio and has 2 cd’s available for download on iTunes. “The C Train” which he recorded in 2003 and his most current cd, “Vampires Are Popular.”

Along with all his successes, Casey has got to work and share the stage with some big name acts. He has been lucky enough to have worked along side of great headliners such as Mike MacDonald, Mitch Hedberg, Greg Proops, Todd Glass, Jeremy Hotz and Russell Peters.

Graham Clark

Graham Clark

Graham Clark resides in Vancouver, BC. He is a 3-time Canadian Comedy Award nominee and co-host of Maximum Fun’s Stop Podcasting Yourself. Clark is a regular on CBC’s The Debaters and has appeared at Just for Laughs, Halifax Comedy Festival, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and Bumbershoot. He is a winner of the Yuk Yuks Great Canadian Laugh Off and has appeared on HBO’s Funny As Hell. He has filmed his own hour-long Comedy Now special for CTV. Graham is also the creator of, where he sells paintings made using his beard as a paintbrush and donates the proceeds to charity.

“To watch Clark take control of a crowd is an impressive spectacle” –The Discorder

“Clark is a crowd pleasing observational comic” –The Grid, Toronto

“East Vancouver’s whispered hero of hilarity is no longer a secret” –Westender

“His laid-back delivery and appearance are juxtaposed against a refined, observational comedic approach that is clearly the work of a true performance artist.” – Canadian News Service

“Headliner Graham Clark told us he’d start with the “C material” to allow for everyone to get back from the toilet. Of course, his C material is as good as many comics’ A stuff. He’s also developing some real depth to his jokes. Instead of one-and-done, he really gets into a subject now. His bit about rich people and their tart budgets and propensity for saving dead trees was meaty, reminiscent in its inflection and structure of Brent Butt at his finest.” – The Georgia Straight

Bryan Callen

Bryan Callen

Born in the Philippines, Bryan Callen spent the first fourteen years of his life overseas in countries like India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Greece and Saudi Arabia, before moving to the U.S. He went to high school in Massachusetts and earned his B.A. in History at the American University in Washington D.C.

Callen has spent the last 17 years in Los Angeles fighting traffic because that’s where he seems to find the most work (Callen is also writing this but making it seem like someone ELSE is writing this by referring to himself in the 3rd person). Callen got his start as an original cast member of MAD TV. He then went on to play numerous roles on the small and big screen including, “Old School” “Bad Santa”, “Sex and the City”, “Entourage,” “Californication”, “7th Heaven,” “King of Queens,” “Stacked,” “Las Vegas,” “West Wing,” “News Radio,” “Significant Others,” “CSI,” “NYPD Blue,” “Suddenly Susan,” and “Frasier.” He recently finished a two-season character arc on USA’s “In Plain Sight.”

Callen is not a famous actor but sometimes people look at him and scream “Bilson,” since that’s the character he played on several episodes of CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother.” His most recent TV role was Captain Frank Dashell, leader of the Undead Task Force, in the short-lived but critically acclaimed MTV comedy, “Death Valley.” He has been recognized for that role exactly 4 times but who cares since he’s been recognized over one million times (I’m guessing) as EDDIE, the Middle Eastern owner of a wedding chapel in a little movie called THE HANGOVER. Not to mention his role as Samir, in HANGOVER II where he played basically the same exact character only Samir had thick, curly, hair and darker skin which is actually a good look on Callen considering his Irish/Italian heritage has left him with a ruddy complexion and thinning, mouse-brown hair.

His most recent roles on the big screen were in the Lion’s Gate drama WARRIOR and the 2014 feature film RIDE ALONG starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

Between acting gigs Callen spends his time power lifting, taming lions, vanquishing evil and making people laugh as a stand up comic. That’s why he can currently be seen on SHOWTIME performing a stand up comedy special called MAN CLASS.