Ian Bagg

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Ian Bagg started his comedy career in his native country, Canada. He proceeded to do all the show business things that every successful Canadian entertainer does. He went to a “Hockey Night in Canada” game on a Saturday night, performed at the “Montreal Comedy Festival,” kissed a fish in Newfoundland and shot a “Comedy Now” special on CTV.  So what does a Canadian do when he has done it all? He boards a train to New York City, lives in a youth hostel and ends up on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” He also appeared on “Make Me Laugh,” “Showcase Comics with Louie Anderson,” “Fridays” on NBC and “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.”


Bagg was featured in several films including, Tim Robbins’ “The Cradle will Rock,” “MVP 2,” and “MXP.”  Fun fact: he’s the only known comic to have worked for Judd Apatow and NOT become a multi-billionaire. Life has been amazing for Bagg being featured on such diverse networks as the History Channel, the Food Network, the Biography Channel.


Ian went to school to be an explosives engineer, but a lucky chance at an open mic made him the volatile one.  He may be in your area sooner than you think, because this manchild does over 100,000 air miles a year. He has had 2 half-hour specials,  “Comedy Central Presents” and HBO’s “A Comics Climb” and has been featured in 2 seasons of “Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution” on Comedy Central. His latest one-hour special, “Ian Bagg: Getting to F**king Know You” aired on Showtime and can now be found on HULU for all you cable cutters.  In 2015, Ian was a fan favorite and placed in the Top 5 on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” Additional, he did a 75 date national tour with the Last Comic Standing, performed with Gabriel Iglesias on an extensive European tour, and is currently headlining around the country. His latest digital release “Conversations” is available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.


Top 3 Credits

Showtime: “Ian Bagg: Getting to F**king Know You” – 1 hour special

NBC:  “Last Comic Standing” – Top 5 Finalist

Comedy Central: “Comedy Central Presents” & “Gabriel Iglesias Presents: Stand Up Revolution”


Latest Reviews 2018


…”However, the biggest surprise of the night was Canadian Ian Bagg. His dispatches from the frontline of the battle of the sexes were truly hilarious.  He won the biggest laugh of the evening with an adults-only joke with the punchline: “That’s how a nozzle goes into a tank.”” Charles Purcell, Sydney Morning Herald

iTunes reviews of “Conversations”


The conversation is always different

Ian Bagg is one of the funniest headliners on your all over the world. Each and every show takes on the character of the audience and town in which he performs. This special is a prime example of how much fun audiences experience at every Ian Bagg show.

10 stars

If you want to laugh for an hour, rent this. If you want to laugh for your whole life, buy it. If you want to have that life ended short from laughter, go see him live. Ian Bagg owns at comedy.

Funniest Comedian – Must Watch !

Ian Bagg is the funniest comedian touring at this time ! This performance from beginning to end will have you laughing the entire time ! His interactions with the crowd is amazing ! This is a must see !

5.0 out of 5 stars Ian Bagg is the King of crowd work.

There is not a stand-up working today that can deliver crowd work like Ian Bagg. This special is GREAT!


5.0 out of 5 stars The funniest comic I seen in years

No written jokes. Just pure impromptu interaction with the audience. This guy is smart, funny, the farthest thing from politically correct as you can get. Shows us how to laugh at ourselves no matter who we are and everybody joins in the fun.

Mose people should have this mindset today, the world would be a much better place to live.

5.0 out of 5 stars  We cried!

Ok, it’s rare that a comic has us in tears. And like the other reviewer said, we had to pause this a few times because we were laughing so hard that we were missing stuff. Very funny! Really, watch this.